28 Nov

As Advent season has arrived, I wanted to post on the four themes that are embedded within Advent.

Advent is a season of anticipation and waiting. During Advent we celebrate the coming of the Christ Child which has already happen, but we also await Christ's second coming, which is still to come.

As I look at the first theme of Hope I am gripped by a reality of a world that seems to lack hope. There are too many stories of despair and people I know who have taken their own lives and seem to be in great pain.

How do we live with hope when the world around us seems hopeless? A better question is, "Where does our hope come from?"

I believe that our hope comes from Jesus. We can have hope, because Jesus is our Rock and Refuge.

A ROCK is a metaphor in the bible for a strong foundation or a firm footing. We cannot build or stand on something without a firm foundation.

A REFUGE is a metaphor in the bible for protection or a secure shelter from the storms of life. We must have a place to retreat to that helps us during the struggles of life.

Where do you find hope? Is your hope unshakeable? 

When the storms of life come, you have a strong foundation in Christ. When the winds and the torrential rains of hardship pour down on you, you have a refuge that you can find shelter in.

During this season of Advent know that you have an UNSHAKEABLE HOPE, that no one can move you from. You are safe and secure and you can find peace in the midst of the storms.

Come to Jesus and lay your burdens down. Trust in Him alone for salvation. What are you waiting for?

Here is a link to my sermon if interested. Sermon begins at 43:25.

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